Movimiento Cristiano Liberación

For Solidarity with Freedom of Cubans Campaign. Eleven concrete actions to isolate the regime.

The Liberation Christian Movement has begun a campaign to condemn and isolate the Cuban dictatorship. We believe the international community should have a strong answer to the Cuban regime’s repression. It is imperative to condemn the dictatorship in the strongest terms.

But we also believe that these much needed condemnation statements are not enough to let the ruling military junta know that the international community would not tolerate the dictatorship’s impunity. That is why concrete international isolation measures, like those imposed upon the South African apartheid regime, are needed.

We propose that until the dictatorship unconditionally releases all those arrested for the peaceful demonstrations and all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and holds free and plural elections:

• The Cuban regime should be excluded from participating in any international forum, Summit and event.

• Cuba should be investigated and condemned for its human rights violations by the U.N. Human Rights Council.

• All economic and military cooperation agreements with the Cuban dictatorship, like the EU-Cuba cooperation agreement, should be suspended.

• Lines of credit should not be granted to the Cuban regime.

• Foreign investments and tourism to Cuba should be discouraged.

• All products exported from Cuba, either directly by the regime or through foreign companies associated with Cuban tyranny, should be boycotted.

• An international arms and repression equipment embargo on Cuba should be imposed.

• Cuba should be banned from all international sporting, cultural and academic events.

• Visas to military junta officials and relatives, and to members of the Cuba’s Communist Party and all organizations and institutions who take part in repressive actions or support the repression, should not be granted or should be revoked.

• Channels to send humanitarian aid should be facilitated as part of this campaign to isolate the regime and in solidarity with the Cuban people.

• An international commission to support democracy in Cuba should be created. It should promote that these and other measures are executed, and should watch over its implementation.

The Liberation Christian Movement invites governments and parliaments of all freedom loving countries, all international institutions and all people of goodwill, to join this campaign for solidarity with the freedom of Cubans.

All Cubans, all brothers, and now, freedom!

July 27th, 2021

On behalf of the Liberation Christian Movement,

Eduardo Cardet, National Coordinator

Antonio Diaz, General Secretary

Regis Iglesias, Spokesman